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6 "Study on the Effects of the In-Cylinder EGR Stratification on NOx and Soot Emissions in Diesel Engines"
Wonah Park, Sangyul Lee, Seungmok Choi, Kyoungdoug Min, Hoimyung Choi, Sejune Kim
10th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles, 2011
5 "Quasi-three Dimensional Model of a High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell"
Jaeman Park, Sanggyu Kang, Kyoungdoug Min
2011 Energy Sustainability conference & Fuel Cell Conference, 2011
4 "Analysis of the Performance and Durability Characteristics of the Gas Diffusion Layer with the various Micro Porous Layer Penetration Thicknesses"
Junhyun Cho, Jaeman Park, Taehun Ha, Hwanyeong Oh, Kyoungdoug Min, Jy-Young Jyoung, Eunsook Lee
2011 Energy Sustainability conference & Fuel Cell Conference, 2011
3 "The Potential of the Background-Oriented Schlieren Technique as a Tool for Engine Research"
J. Lee, N. Kim, W. Park and K. Min
2011 ILASS-AMERICA, 2011
2 "The measurement of Penetration length of diesel spray by usnig background oriented schlieren technique"
Junyong Lee, Namho Kim, Hyowon Lee, Kyoundoug Min
SAE World Congress 2011 , 2011
1 "Development of Engine Control Using the In-Cylinder Pressure Signal in a High Speed Direct Injection Diesel Engine"
Seungeun Yu, Hanho Song, Kyoungdoug Min, Hoimyung Choi, Sunghwan Cho, Kyoungchan Han
SAE World Congress 2011, 2011