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9 "Effect of the diesel injection strategy on the combustion and emissions of propane/diesel dual fuel premixed charge compression ignition engines"
Jeongwoo Lee, Sanghyun Chu, Jaehyuk Cha, Hoimyung Choi, Kyoungdoug Min*
Energy, 2015
8 "A study on combustion control and operating range expansion of gasoline HCCI""
Kyeonghyeon Lee, Seokwon Cho, Namho Kim, Kyoungdoug Min*, 2015
7 "A Study on the Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an SI Engine under Full Load Conditions with Ethanol Port Injection and Gasoline Direct Injection"
Namho Kim, Seokwon Cho, Kyoungdoug Min*
Fuel, 2015
6 "A review of the gas diffusion layer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells: Durability and degradation"
Jaeman Park, Hwanyeong Oh, Taehun Ha, Yoo Il Lee, Kyoungdoug Min*
Applied Energy, 2015
5 "Emission reduction potential in a light-duty diesel engine fueled by JP-8"
Jeongwoo Lee, Jungyeon Lee, Sanghyun Chu, Hoimyung Choi, Kyoungdoug Min*
Energy, 2015
4 "Effects of pore size gradient in the substrate of a gas diffusion layer on the performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell"
Hwanyeong Oh, Jaeman Park, Kyoungdoug Min*, Eunsook Lee, Jy-Young Jyoung
Applied Energy, 2015
3 "The effects of the combustion chamber geometry and a double-row nozzle on the diesel engine emissions"
Seungmok Choi, Seung-Hyup Shin, Jeongwoo Lee, Kyoungdoug Min*, Hoimyung Choi
2 "Selection of appropriate working fluids for Rankine cycles used for recovery of heat from exhaust gases of ICE in heavy-duty series hybrid electric vehicles"
Daebong Jung, Sungjin Park, Kyoungdoug Min
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2015
1 "Smart Cooling System of the Double Loop Coolant Structure with Engine Thermal Management Modeling"
Hyungmook Kang, Hyunchul AHn, Kyungdoug Min
Apllied Thermal Engineering, 2015